Announcing SnugUp version 2

imageMore than a few years ago, I created SnugUp version 1, which is a handy way of synchronizing folders of images with SmugMug for Windows users. I’ve made a number of changes in the last month based on some requests and the result is a significant update (yet the core features are all there – just improved!).

New features:

  • (Changed to version 2)
  • Completely revamped look and feel (which did remove a few ‘flashy’ features)
  • Uses Click once for application updating (which should make it easier to push updates and bug fixes out to users)
  • Added settings for automatic upload (when application starts)
  • Added setting for Subcategory selection (only selection, no creation of subcategories through SnugUp)
  • Added setting for custom gallery naming
  • Completely changed settings user interface to more logically group and explain settings
  • Fixed a number of bugs (that shouldn’t have appeared to user anyway!)
  • Added support for new file extensions (to upload videos in particular)

It does require .NET 4.0 Framework Client profile (which likely you’ve already got on your machine, but if you don’t the installer SHOULD make it easy to download).

Go here ( for more information and to download. I’d recommend uninstalling the old version first.