IE9 Beta, pinned web sites

As you’ve probably heard – IE9 beta 1 is available for download.

As part of the new feature set, it includes web site pinning.

So, I pinned Twitter.

I had read about it, and watched it demo – and still couldn’t figure out how to do it without hitting the web site above (as the drag to tab method doesn’t look like it will work until you try it – and the screen shots on the web don’t match what I was experiencing).

What I heard was that pinning would make the web application front and center.


There’s still too much browser though when launching the web site through the pinned icon.


It’s trying to remain a browser window, but also play an “application.” What about providing an option in the meta msapplication-task for being able to control the browser “chrome?” Hide tabs, hide address bar, etc? (Just hide them, don’t make them unavailable).

<meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=New Tweet; action-uri=; icon-uri=images/ie/tweet.ico" />
  <meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Direct Messages; action-uri=; icon-uri=images/ie/dm.ico" />
  <meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Mentions ; action-uri=; icon-uri=images/ie/mentions.ico" />
  <meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Favorites; action-uri=; icon-uri=images/ie/fav.ico" />
  <meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Search; action-uri=; icon-uri=images/ie/search.ico" />
<script type="text/javascript">

I like where Microsoft is headed with IE9 and the merging of web pages into web applications.