“Can you hear me, sort-a? What? Huh?”

My wife and I decided to switch our cell phone service to Verizon, to join the USA’s most awesomest network. We bought 2 new Android phones, figured out what plans to get … it took about an hour and half in the store.

Having learned our lesson last time we tried to switch wireless carriers, we declined the automatic number port and got new numbers instead. We confirmed that we could port the numbers later and cancel our existing AT&T service ourselves.

On her Droid phone (the Eris), she got maybe one bar of service, if she stood in the right place, and faced the proper direction, with her arms at the proper height.

On my Motorola DROID, it was about 1 to 2 bars of service. A call between the two phones sounded absolutely terrible, with cut outs and so much vocal digitization that it was a very unpleasant experience.

Yes, there was “3G” service at our house, but making a phone call seemed to be a challenge – so, sorry Verizon. I can’t hear you now.

(And I’m aware of the Wireless Network Extender, but it has a bunch of caveats about size of house, network bandwidth, etc., that we can’t necessarily adapt to).

Phones will be returned.

AT&T didn’t even know we temporarily considered other options. :)