Verify that I am a human?

I just saw this on a web site – a technique for verifying I’m a human:


The stupid thing that made me post is that the only thing that resembles a clock is the round green circle thing. The rest are obvious. If you’re going to make someone identify the proper shape – make the icon actually look like the object! That’s a terrible icon for a clock (and odd grammar as well).




Furthermore, why do I need to drag the clock into the circle? Why wouldn’t just a click on the right icon be enough?

What happened to the good old days of shopping?

There once was a day when I’d go to a big box store shopping for electronics, cameras, whatever, and look at the boxes, and any posted information, and make a decision without consulting any other sources. Occasionally, I’d talk to a friend or coworker, but more often than not, I shopped alone. There was no “Internet Oracle” that I could consult for thousands of reviews by other people that I don’t know. I wouldn’t spend months looking for a product, trying to decide, as there really wasn’t much information besides what was on the box and what a “capable” salesperson might be able to offer.

Now, I’m forced to look through hundreds of billions of web pages, reading and rereading reviews, going over every tiny detail and immediately moving on if someone has a bad review – even if there are 20 good reviews. Reviewer “Buttinski” said it was the worst 2 speed blender and toaster combination!

Am I happier now, with all of this information? Probably not, unless it’s to just justify my educated purchase with a team of trusted internet co-shoppers.

(Can you tell that I’m shopping for something? Specifically a compact digital camera that fits in my front blue-jean pants pocket comfortably. I had a Canon SD870 which I liked, but the LCD recently developed serious issues – and I’m looking to see what else is around.)