Cheese and Cheeseburgers!

Honestly, I eat maybe 1 or 2 beef cheeseburgers in a year (and I don’t even care for most cheese!). Regardless, I still thought this web site, Cheese and Burger Society is really well done (pun not intended!).

It uses Adobe Flash, but really to good effect. There’s a voice over for each recipe.


“Number 7… it’s not for the guy who makes spreadsheets for a living.”

“Limburger, I once fought off three hungry bears to protect my Limburger. True story.”

There are interesting cheese facts:

Famous for its pungent tendencies, this brave and bold Belgian cheese does nothing but intensify with age. Limburger was created to complement the highly flavored meats commonly eaten in Belgium and Germany. Today, a single cheese plant in Monroe, Wisconsin produces all the surface-ripened Limburger made in the United States.

(Monroe, Wisconsin is relatively close to the WiredPrairie homestead.)