Google I/O 2009 Keynote Online

Keynote video from the Google I/O Developer 2009 Conference is here:

Good summary of news of day one here on TechCrunch.

Is HTML5 (and all of the associated features) going to make Flash and Silverlight generally irrelevant? It’s certainly in the back of my mind.

A few thoughts as I watched the first segment this evening…image

Vic Gundotra (VP of Engineering at Google): “Never underestimate the web.” “The web has won.” “A more powerful web made easier.” (Has he seriously tried doing multi-browser development?) “100x performance in last 9 years in JavaScript performance.” Build exploitive applications (of HTML5). (Do I leave older browser users behind Vic?) Canvas is clearly better than Flash / Silverlight. Plug-ins just suck. [Paraphrasing] The Google-internal profiling tool looked slick. 

Matthew Papakipos: “Explosion in 3D applications.” I’ve seen a lot of 2.5D – but no real increase in true 3D applications. You? Using "GPU” rather than your CPU leaves your app free to run code efficiently on the CPU. Need 3D in major browser vendors – but no mention of Microsoft (unless they’re considered “others”). “Still in the early phase.”

Vic: Where’s IE8 and HTML5? “We eagerly await to see evidence of that [HTML5 in IE8].”  

What excites you about their announcements? Or maybe worries you?