The only car show my wife will watch with me…. TopGear

My wife will watch lots of shows that I like to watch, partly because she has similar tastes, but also because the shows I watch aren’t too awful (and there’s that whole marriage sharing thing …). One show I suggested a few months ago that looked like it might be interesting was the hour long show on BBC America, TopGear. It’s a car show. I could see her skepticism visibly when I announced it was something I wanted to watch together. "A car show?" Food shows, travel shows, dramas, even history shows she’ll watch, but a car show?


By the end of the first episode, after laughing and enjoying it thoroughly, she gave this show the "approved" nod and now looks for new episodes to show up on the DVR. Since we’re just catching up and watching some re-runs, we’ve been able to watch quite a few episodes recently.

Starting February 25th, 8pm et/pt, Top Gear’s new season begins to air on BBC America. Sure, they talk of cars that aren’t available in the states, but real car talk is only a small part of the show. The hosts make "car talk" fun.