iTunes, by dummies?

I downloaded a few videos over the weekend about the new iPhone SDK via iTunes. My iPod Classic isn’t set up to synchronize movies, so I need to adjust the settings so that the movies would be available on the iPod.

Here’s the warning dialog that was displayed when I clicked "Sync Movies":


All existing songs, movies and TV shows will be removed and replaced with movies from my iTunes library? What happens to the songs and TV shows? Huh?

I use Media Monkey to manage my iPod’s music collection as iTunes is TERRIBLE on Windows for managing music, playing music, searching music … pretty much everything it does is sub-par and odd. But, this?!

Does Apple secretly have a guidebook internally, "Apple Inhumane Interface Guideline for Developing Mediocre Windows Applications: A Simple Guide to Getting People to Hating Microsoft Windows More."

Unfortunately, Media Monkey isn’t able to manage movie/video files.

I’m not willing to click "Sync Movies" if it should wipe out all of the songs I have. It takes hours to copy them all back.