Google Reader and Subscriptions to WiredPrairie

If you’re reading this via Google Reader and the Reader insists that old posts are new, you might be subscribed via my older RSS feed.

I have a number of new subscription options that you can use if you’re having the problem I’ve noticed:

I believe that switching to any of these should resolve the problem. Note that I have also added a comments feed.

  • Standard (RSS 2.0)
  • Standard (Atom)
  • Comments
  • Add to Google Reader
  • It’s not that the old posts have changed (it’s easy to confirm that the pubDate element hasn’t changed), and it’s not that the actual RSS feed is incorrect … it’s something odd that’s up with Google reader.

    Sorry about any inconvenience it may have caused. If you notice the behavior using other feed readers, leave a comment and I’ll look into it more.

    (I hadn’t ever noticed that Notepad is able to directly open Internet files if the file path is preceded with http. Cool.).