Now, a 3rd option, IIS Express

ScottGu announced IIS Express.

IIS Express will become a new way for developers to do local web development in a safe, administrative-account-free way, yet get the full experience of IIS 7. I’d bet the days of the ASP.NET Development server are numbered if IIS Express actually works as well as is suggested (if the same debug/test/run cycle is maintained, and the perf is good, I can’t see any reason why not).

The only bad news is that the announcement precedes the availability of IIS Express and also precedes the availability of patches for VS 2010 to make integration with this new option simple. The latter sounds like it’s farther out than IIS Express itself.

I’d like to see a feature for allowing the web sites hosted within IIS Express to be available from other machines and not just localhost. It would make sharing current development with other team members, QA, managers, etc., much simpler. For developers on older versions of Windows (like XP), they have no option for locally hosting a IIS7 web site and showing it to others. (From the initial blog post, it’s not mentioned if this scenario is supported).